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Two N Series Nozzles   Latest Product Brochure 2017
  Icing Nozzles (Tips) - 49
Different Patterns
  Big Nozzles (Meringues)  
  Icing Syringe & Icing Set  
  Cake & Food Decorating Piping Bags  

Flower Nails /

Dessert Moulds

  Set Pack of Icing Nozzles
(total 49 Nozzles Set)



Cream Suction Pump

  Cake Decorating Palette  


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Latest Range of Products

We deal in various Bakery &
Confectionery Equipments & Accessories

Moulds -

Cake, Chocolate, Jelly, Ring, Silicon, Aluminum /Alu-Steel Baking Trays, Bread Pan as per specification, Muffin trays & Vati,




Cutters -

Donut, Dough, Croissant, Puff, Good - day / Shrewsbury Biscuits and various shape and sizes of cutters in S.S.

Palette & Bread Knives, Rolling Pins, Cake Revolving Stand, Colour Spray  Gun with Portable Compressor, Measuring Spoon, Cup & Glass, Scrapper, Spatula, Whisk, Cake Divider & Slicer Pastry server & Turner, Vegetable & Fruit Carving Set, Baking - Sheets & Gloves, Chocolate Wrappers & Structural Sheet, Sugar Craft : Leaf & flower Plunger Cutter, Moulding Tools, Mats, Cake Ornaments, Pillars, Twist-ties, Pouches, Butter Paper & more...







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