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NOOR' is a reputed brand for wholesale & retail cake and food decorating equipment. Noor is a family-run bakery supply store based at Sandhurst Road, Mumbai, we cater to the bakery industry in India & abroad. We have a varied selection of bakeware, moulds, paper goods for the commercial bakers, chefs, home bakers & hobby bakers.

With over 50 years' experience in industrial units we have moved to retailing units too. We offer the very best prices for traders & retail section. Noor is the authorized dealer for Food Grade Mild Steel (aluminum coated steel ideal for baking). This ensures that the baking equipments are durable & will not rust easily. Our newly renovated showroom is bursting with cake decorating tools, baking equipment & more, well-equipped with just about everything you can imagine for making, baking & decorating purposes.

We have mastered and crafted nearly 75 different patterns and designs of Icing and Meringue nozzles (tips) to decorate your cakes, pastries and food. Each nozzle is manufactured with utmost precision and personal touch that even the most intricate designs can be crafted easily and smoothly. The distinct patterns of nozzles take care of individual needs of housewives and professionals in the field.

Our premium bags for cake and food decoration are made of finest polyester coated fabric which is not only light weight, soft and flexible, but is extra strong, durable and washable too preferable in dish washer.

Our professional team is always there to assist you design any nozzle (tip) you require besides our regular designs.

We also deal in various bakery and confectionery accessories. We welcome trade enquiries from abroad categorically from manufacturers of reputed brands who wish to outsource their requirements from us.

Items to look out for
Icing Nozzles
Icing Bags
Baking pans & trays
Palette knives & spatulas
Cutters, Tools & Accessories
Sugarcraft Equipments / Tools
Food Grade Mild Steel Aluminum coated steel ideal for baking.



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